Puerto Rico at WBC 2022

84 different people played Puerto Rico this year and supported using a new format and testing some new software. Thanks everyone for your support!

This year there were format changes in the play of the game and the GM tested new software to aid in running the tournament. After our machine overlords tried to sit everyone at 3 player tables, things settled down and the new software worked.

The rules changes discarded bidding for seats, exchanged the costs for the factory and university (to 8 & 7, respectively), and had the corn seat players start with one fewer doubloon. This has become the preferred format for playing Puerto Rico online at Board Game Arena. And significantly levels the seats’ win probablilities.

Eric Freeman won the Final Game with Guild Hall and Fortress giving him 49 points. David Platnik(43) and DJ Borton(41) had their shipping up and running, but the colonists ran out, too soon. Scott Saccenti(31) was fourth, enduring a very unkind set of plantation draws that hindered him early in the game. Although building seemed to be the dominant strategy this year, the Final winner is often the best at shipping, but not this year. The corn seats bought both small markets, but there was so little trading done that they only netted 2 doubloons each.Four of the eight times Trader was selected, no goods were traded. Only coins on the role changed hands.

Without the rules changes seat 3 has consistently had significantly more wins than the other seats. For example, in 2014 seat 2 won 6 games and seat 3 won 18. This was typical. Bidding did not seem to help as much as hoped.

This year, the distribution of wins for each seat was:

Final Table WBC Puerto Rico 2022

left-to-right: Eric Freeman(1), Scott Saccenti(4), Rich Shay(GM), DJ Borton(3), David Platnik(2).

TurnSeatRoleSeat 1: DJ BortonSeat 2: David PlatnmikSeat 3: Eric FreemanSeat 4: Scott SaccentiPlantations/Boats
11SettlerQuarrySugarSugarSugar3S, 2I: IS3Cf
3BuilderSm Mkt-$0Sm Mkt-$1
4MayorQCCC, Mkt4 to boat
4BuilderSm Indigo-$0passpassSm Sugar-$1
1MayorQ,I,SmIQ,CC, SmMktSmMkt,S,SmS4 to boat
33CraftsmanIC$2, C,CS
4TraderC for $1S for $4
1Captain$2, I-2vp-7btc-vp-6btc-vp-6bt
44BuilderSmSug-$1SmInd-$0Coffee-$6$1, Coffee-$5
1Mayor$1,2c+S,SmS-C, +I, SmI-SmMkt, +T, TobS-SmMkt, +Cf,Coffee4 to boat
2SettlerI$1, QCI2C,T,2Cf
3CraftsmanSIICT, TS,Cf
51Captain$1, i-2vpi-1vpc-1vp, 2t-2vpcf-1vp (5boat)
4Mayor+C+Q+Q+C,SmMkt4 to boat
62Builder$1, Harbor-$5SmInd - $0
73Mayor+C+C$1, +C,SmMkt+C4 to boat
4Craftsmancisci2c,cf$2, 2c,s,cf, cf
1Captain$1, c-2vpc-2vp, i-2vpc-1vp2cf-2vp, -2c,s5,6 bt clear
84BuilderHarbor-$6SmSug-$1SmWhs-$2$1, Tobac-$4
3Trader$1, cf-$6
91Mayor$1, +Q,Har+C-SmMkt +I,SmI-C +T,Tstr6 to boat
3BuilderLgInd-$1SmWhr-$2Guild Hall-$8
4Captains-2vp$1, s-2vp
102Mayornot 2Iall but 3Q-GH, xtra CSCfnot ITCf7 to boat
3SettlerII$1, QTCIS2T
1Trader$1, no trades
1Captain$1,2i-4vp,s-2vp3c-4vp(5bt),s-2vp2c-2vp2s-2vp(t left)all boats clear
2Mayorall but 2Iall but 1Iall but 2C,Cf,GHall but 2T, 1Cf8 tol boat late
124Trader$1, t-$5Clear TH
1Builder$1, Tobacco-$1Tobacco-$2Lg. Indigo-$1Factor-$8
2SettlerT$1, TCII2STCf
2Craftsmanc2is$1, 3cis3cscf2csitcf
4Mayorall but 2Iall but 1Iall but LI,T,GH$1,all but 2T,TS space11 to boar
142BuilderWharf-$6$1, Res-$6Fortress-$8
3Captain2i-3vpi-2vp$1, 3c-4vpc-1vp, i-1vp,cf-1vp,-c5 bt clear
1Mayor-Q-I-LI, bigs-TI8 to boat
153SettlerCfS$1, IT2ISTCf
2Captain4i-5vp(wharf)i-3vpc-1vp, 2cf-2vp2cf-2vpall boats clear
3Mayorall large buildings manned, not enough colonists to fill boat
VP29vp, not 2824vp16vp12vp
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Puerto Rico at WBC 2019

96 different people played 48 games of Puerto Rico this year. Thanks everyone for your support!
Congratulations to Micah McCormick! He won the final game with 42 points. 27 were from shipping, with 17 building points and no bonus buildings. Subtracting his 2 point bid for 3rd seat gave him a 1 point lead over Michael Kaltman.

3rd through 6th place are: Ed Gilliland (38 points in final), Marcy Morelli (37 points), Barry A. Barnes and Rob Murray.

Finalists PRO WBC 2019
Puerto Rico Finalists WBC 2019
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WBC 2018 Puerto Rico Final

118 different people played 53 games of Puerto Rico this year. This was an increase of 8 people, but a decrease of 6 games over last year’s tournament. This was due to the lack of a quaterfinal round. That was requested by WBC’s management. Thanks everyone for your support!
Congratulations to Wade Campbell! He won the final game with 52 points. 49 were from shipping, with only 6 building points offsetting his 3 point bid for seat 3.

Sam Wolff finished second with 47.5 points.

3rd through 6th place are: Alex Bove (45 points in final), Greg Thatcher (42 points), Kevin Walsh and Sky Roy.

Puerto Rico Finalists

Puerto Rio Finalists with their plaques (r to l): 1st-Wade Campbell, 2nd-Sam Wolff, 3rd-Alex Bove, GM-Rich Shay, 4th-Greg Thatcher

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WBC 2017 Puerto Rico Tournament

110 different people played 59 games of Puerto Rico this year. This was an increase of 10 people and 20 games over last year’s tournament. Thanks everyone for your support!
Congratulations Kevin!

In a close final game, Brad Sherwood edged out Ed Gilliand 41 to 40 for the championship.

3rd through 6th place are: Ricky Boyes, David Platnick, David Borton & Pieter Villion

PRO Finalists 2017

WBC Puerto Rico Finalists: (l to r)Ed Gilliand(2nd), Ricky Boyes(3rd), David Platnick(4th), Brad Sherwood (1st), Rich Shay (GM)

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WBC 2016 Puerto Rico Tournament

100 different people played 49 games of Puerto Rico to determine that Kevin Walsh is the 2016 champion.
Congratulations Kevin!

2nd through 6th place are: Ben Scholl, Devin Smith, Aran Warszawski, Nathan Wagner & Jason Levine

2016PRO Finalists

Puerto Rico 2016 Finalists at WBC (l to r) Kevin Walsh,Ben Shcoll, Devin Smith, Aran Warszawski

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The Prodigals Club

The Prodigals Club Unboxing
Unboxing and presenting the components of Vladimír Suchý’s worker placement game from Czech Games Edition, 2015.
This is the sequel to the designer’s Last Will game. The new game has three competitions as players race to lose their possessions, social standing and votes.

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Agricola Revision of 2016

Agricola Revision Unboxing
Uwe Rosenberg’s new version of Agricola.
Published by Lookout Games in 2016.

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Haspelknecht Unboxing
Components for Thomas Spitzer’s game
Haspelknecht from Quined Games in 2015.
Third and last game in his coal series

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Pax Pamir

Pax Pamir Unboxing
Components for Sierra Madre Games’ Pax Pamir designed by Phil Eklund and Cole Wehrle.

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Mocha & Baksheesh

Mocha & Baksheesh Unboxing
Mocha & Baksheesh is an expansion for the game Istanbul designed by
Rudiger Dorn and puplished by Pegasus Spiele.
This video shows the components and gives an overview of the expansion.

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