Puerto Rico at WBC 2023

91 different people played Puerto Rico this year and supported using the new format and testing changes to the GM software. Thanks to everyone for their support!

This year continued the format change with corn seats starting a coin down, University cost at 7 and Factory costing 8. The GM’s software was updated to provide random table and seat assignments as well as randomly distributing the 3-player games. This completely replaced card drawing. The simplified tie-break rules resulted in 6 players qualifying for the last 3 spots and a roll-off loomed. Fortunately, there were enough no-shows to put all the qualifying players into the Semifinal. Next year, the GM will propose more detailed additional tie-breaks.

Jon Senn won the game having built a Hospice for his first building and getting 3 Quarries going. Money stayed tight throughout the game.

You can see a transcript of the Final game below and a video on YouTube at https://youtu.be/Y3uFkQ5GAJc.

One game had universities sold out before factories, but the winner didn’t use either. The game was decided on tie-breakers, though.

This year, the distribution of wins for each seat was:


Seat 3 has some advantages, but not as much as before. Seat 4 had fewer chances to win because of the 5 3-player games The 4 semifinal games were each won by a different seat and the Final was won by seat 2.

The distribution of winning strategies showed a greater than typical success for building over shipping. Roughly dividing the wins into three categories gave the following win counts:


Games ends were triggered evenly between all the buildings and all the colonists, with just a couple of VP chip depletions:

VP ran outCannot fill boatTown filledUnknown

Several games listed as town filled also had the colonists run out before the round ended, a common occurrence.

The results of this year’s Puerto Rico tournament are part of the Meeple League (meepleleague.com). All players’ results are included in the annual Puerto Rico rankings on that site.

Thanks especially to my assistant GMs, Rob Kircher and Marcy Morelli.

Semifinal Tables

L-to-R: Anthony Saccenti, Catherine Raymond, Sam Wolff, Eric Freeman(W)
L-to-R: Andrew Norgren, Jon Senn (W), Eric Brosius, Tricia Wolff
L-to-R: Darryl Brumback, Marcy Morelli, DJ Borton, Michael Swinson(W)
L-to-R: Alex Gesing, Rob Murray, Ray Wolff(W), Eric Kleist

PRO 2023 Standings

Final Results

5367Jon Senn145
6707Ray Wolff229
7306Michael Swinson328
682Eric Freemen427

Semi-Final Results

RankBadgeNameFinishScoreTable% of Winner
17306Michael Swinson1501100
25367Jon Senn1352100
3682Eric Freemen1473100
46707Ray Wolff1414100
56710Sam Wolff243391.5
66866DJ Borton243186
76171Andrew Norgren229282.9
85254Rob Murray232478
98670Darryl Brumback343186
105931Antony Saccenti336376.6
111083Eric Kleist326463.4
12220Eric Brosius321260
133792Marcy Morrelli438176
144129Catherine Raymond430363.8
152639Alex Gesing426463.4
166709Tricia Wolff418251.4

3 Heats

RankBadgeNameHeat 1Heat 2Heat 3Tie-break Points
14129Catherine Raymond1122100
21083Eric Kleist1212100
33792Marcy Morrelli3112010
45367Jon Senn1412001
56710Sam Wolff112000
66866DJ Borton112000
75931Antony Saccenti112000
87697Matt Lahut1221200
9682Eric Freemen3211110
106709Tricia Wolff1321110
116708Jack Wolff2131110
121762Shantanu Saha4121101
138670Darryl Brumback2411101
14220Eric Brosius211100
152639Alex Gesing121100
167306Michael Swinson211100
176171Andrew Norgren211100
185254Rob Murray121100
196707Ray Wolff211100
204223Eric Harthan1431011
215623Scott Saccenti311010
221074Rob Kircher131010
237654Ryan Feathers131010
247677Stephen Costa311010
25649Rob Flowers311010
267960Sean Roeper4141002
275263Brandon Ketchum141001
284666Shivendra Chopra141001
29137Greg Berry11000
302016Jamie Tang11000
311097LUKE koleszar11000
32184Alex Bove11000
333875Cally Perry11000
343106Michael Kaltman11000
353432Eric Engelmann11000
367246Nate Heiss11000
376026Ed Gilliland224201
381438Eyal Mozes224201
391602David Platnick22200
404153Richard M Shay342111
413659Jessica Shea234111
423269Andrew Martin23110
4389Malinda Kyrkos23110
44971John Jacoby23110
457134Aaron Blair23110
465759Kurt Kramer32110
47619Eric Filipkowski23110
483788Craig Trader42101
491766Mike Salvato42101
503778Amy Rule42101
515953Dan Morris24101
528635Jason Salganick42101
531986Bob Stribula2100
541128Vassili Kyrkos2100
5588Barry Barnes2100
566852Andrew Menard2100
572081Stuart Tucker2100
588044Brian Scilzo2100
597610Roger Jarret2100
60608Scott Fenn2100
615368Ben Scholl2100
625171Dominic Blais2100
634569Loc Nguyen43321
64683James Freeman43321
658590Fredierick Shea3320
668679Josef Prem3320
676473Rick Miller3320
688889Mitch Brown3320
69440Anthony Daw3411
707792Joseph Romano3411
711099Steve Koleszar3411
723196Patrick Shea3411
732600Rodney Bacigalupo3411
748349Jonathan Mattanah310
754128Eric Raymond310
767321Chris Wildes310
775041Keith Boone310
784679Eugene Yee310
796796Kevin Rice310
80207Daniel Broh-Kahn310
816291Michael Vaz442
823852Bruce Rae41
836717Claire Kaltman41
846741Dan Harthan41
8590Robert Barnes41
867637Aaron Birnbaum41
878701Josh Mellingere41
88113Barrington Beavis41
89196Michael Brazinski41
903815Michael Shea41
914547Tracey Casselberry41

Final Game Transcript

TurnSeatRoleSeat 1: Ray WolffSeat 2: Jon SennSeat 3: Eric FreemanSeat 4: Michael SwinsonPlantations/Boats
11SettlerG: QCCfCfCf, I left. 2S, T, 2 Cf
2BuilderHospice(-3)Sm. Mkt(-1)Sm Mkt(-1)
3Mayor1 Q1 Hspc2 SmMkt, C1 C4 to boat
4Prospector1 coin
22SettlerCfG: QmTSC I T 2Cf
3Captain1 coinNo shipping possible
4BuilderSmInd(0)SmInd(0)Sm Sug (1)
1Trader1 coinNo trade possible
33CraftsmanG: 2 coin, 2CC
4MayorSmInd, QC, HspC, T, SMMktSmSu,S, SmMkt4 to boat
2Prospector2 coin
44TraderG: C 3 coin
1MayorCf Rst, CF, Q, SmIC, HspC, smMkt,Cf,TSmMkt, SmS, S,C4 on boat
2SettlerCf1 coin, QmCTC,2I, S, T
3Captain1 coin, 2C, 3VP2C 7bt
51CraftsmanG: 1 coin, 2 CfCCC, S
2BuilderSMSug(1)1 coin, SmSug (0)TShed(5)TShed(5)Only Jon has $4
3Captain2Cf, 2vpC 1vpC 2vpC 1vp, S 1vp7-5C,6-2Cf,5-1S
4Prospector2 coin
62SettlerSG: Qm 1 coinCIC, I, S, 2T
3MayorCfet, Sset, QHsp, C, Iset, 3Q3C, Tset, Sm MktSmkt, Tset,Sset7 on boat
4Trader1 coinNo trade possible
1CraftsmanCf,CfC,I3C,TT,SC ran out
73TraderCf-4G: T-5S-3TH clears
4BuilderLgMkt(4)Factory(5)SmWhr(3)1 coin. CfRst(5)
1Prospector2 coin
2CaptainCf 1vp, S 1vp1coin, C 2vpC 1vp, dump 1C7 clears, 6-3Cf, 5-2S
84TraderI-1C-1G: T-5
1Craftsman1 coin, S Cf, CfI ,C2C TS T
2CaptainS 1vp, 2Cf 2vpI 2vpDump 3CS 1vp7-1I, 6-5Cf,5-4S
3SettlerST1 coin, QC2C 2I S
91MayorG: 2 coin, 3cCf,S, I set, Q, LgMkt2c::Hsp, Fctry, S, I C, 3Q2c:3C,T,Smk,Swh1c:Cf,T, S7 on boat
2Builder1 coin, TobShed(1)CfRst(5)
3Prospector2 coin
4SettlerCSCQ2I 2S Cf
102BuilderG: SmWh(1)SmInd(0)SmInd(1)
3Mayor2c1c3c2c11 on boat
4Trader1 coinno trades
1SettlerQIICfC 2S 2T
113CaptainG: 2 coinNothing Ships
4Prospector2 coin
1SettlerQCTTI 2S 2T
2Craftsman2Cf S I1 coin, CIST, 3 coin, I4C T CfC S T Cf
124BuilderLgInd(1)G: 1 coin, GH(8)
1Trader1 coin, Cf-7TH clears
2CraftsmanS I2C I S T 3coin, IT CfT S
3Mayor3c2c1 coin, 4c3c11 on boat
131TraderG: Cf-6T-3C-1S-3TH clears
2Captain2I 2vp1 coin, S 2vp,4 I 4vp, -SCf 1vp, -3Cdump C, CfBoats Clear
3Prospector2 coin
4SettlerTIS1 coin, TC I S T Cf
142CaptainS 1vpG: 5C 6vp, T 1vp3T 3vpT 1vp7-5C,6-4T,5-1S
Jon Senn did NOT take the Captain tile
3TraderCf – 5
Ray Wolff passesGovernor tile to Eric
4BuilderFortress(7)Residence(7)City Hall(9)2 coin, LgIn(1)
1Mayor4c3c3c2c9 on boat
2CraftsmanS I Cf1 coin, 2C2IST, 3$, S3C2T I CfI Cf T SIncorrect Should be seat 3 Governer
154Mayor2c2c2cG: 4c3 left, colonists run out
1CaptainS-2vp2C-2vp, 2S-2vpT-1vpS-1vpAll boats clear, some dumping
2SettlerI1 coin, CTS
VP chips12vp22vp11vp5vp






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