Puerto Rico at WBC 2019

96 different people played 48 games of Puerto Rico this year. Thanks everyone for your support!
Congratulations to Micah McCormick! He won the final game with 42 points. 27 were from shipping, with 17 building points and no bonus buildings. Subtracting his 2 point bid for 3rd seat gave him a 1 point lead over Michael Kaltman.

3rd through 6th place are: Ed Gilliland (38 points in final), Marcy Morelli (37 points), Barry A. Barnes and Rob Murray.

Finalists PRO WBC 2019
Puerto Rico Finalists WBC 2019

The tournament has 3 preliminary rounds. The top 16 players competed in the four games of the semifinal round. The 4 winners were matched in the final round. This was the 2nd year without a quarterfinal round.

1st place PRO WBC 2019
Micah McCormick’s winning player mat.
Michael Kaltman’s 2nd place player board
Ed Gilliland’s 3rd place player mat
Marcy Morelli’s 4th place player mat
TurnSeatRoleSeat 1: Marcy MorelliSeat 2: Ed GillilandSeat 3: Micah McCormickSeat 4: Michael KaltmanPlantations/Boats
Points bid for seats-10-2-2
2Mayor1q2it1c1c4 on boat
3BuilderSmall Indigo(0)Small Indigo(1)Small Market(0)Small Market(1)
3BuilderConstruction Hut(1)passSmall Sugar(1)Small Indigo(1)
4Craftsman c$1, c, c
1MayorIndigo up, Construction HutIndigo up, quarrycorn, small marketIndigo up4 on boat
33Traderc, $4
4Captain2c, 3vp, $22c on 5-boat
44BuilderHacienda($2)Hacienda($1)Large Market($5)$1, Tobacco Shed($4)
1Mayor$1, 2, Indigo up, q, CH, Hacienda1, Indigo up, 2q1, sugar up, lg market1, tobacco up, c6 on boat
3Craftsmanii$1, s, bonus sct
51Trader$1, i for $21 col, adds 2nd q1 col, 4 corn1 col, c, k, coffee roaster7 col on boat
2BuilderFactory($6)tobacco shed ($2)Coffee Roaster($6)Pass
3Settleri(Hacienda), st$1, kt2citk
4Captaini1vps 1vp$1, c2vp3c on 5-boat, i 7-boat, s 6-boat
62Mayor1 i, 2q, hacienda, c hut3, $1 1t empty2 k, 1c, markets1 t, c market8 col on boat
4BuilderSm Warehouse($3)Factory($6)
1Settlerk,qc, cck2i2st
73Craftsmanii,t$2, k, c, bonus kt, c
4Traderi $1k $7$1, t $5
1BuilderSmall Sugar(free)Harbor ($8)Coffee Roaster($6)
2Captain$1, i 2vpc 1vpc 1vp5-boat clears
84Mayor2, 2q i s hacienda factory2, 2q 2c t i ch2, ksc harbor lg market$1, 3 kti factory10 on boat
3Captaink 3vpk on 5-boat
91BuilderCoffee Roaster($3)
2Settlerk i$2, i tis2cstk
3Mayor2, kis, 2q, no ch2, 2cit, 2q, office, ch4, no sm market3, citk, factory, sm market8 on boat
4Craftsmanisk, $22cit4csk$1, citk, $3 bonus
102Trader$2, t $4Trade house clears
3Captains 1vp, i 1vp, k1vpi 1vp, dump 2c$1, s 3vp, k 2vp, 2k 2vp, i 1vp, dumps tobaccocoffee boat(5) clears
113Captain4c 6vpc 1vpcorn boat(5) clears
4BuilderLarge Indigo($1)Wharf($7)$1, Small Sugar($1)i
1Mayor$1, 3, 3q up, CH HC empty2, CH empty2, full2, 1 of each, factory, sm market11 on boat
2Tradert $5
1BuilderTobacco Shed($1)Large Sugar $4
2Craftsman2i c s k, $3 bonus t$2 3c i 2t, t5c s kc i s t k, $5
3Tradersugar $2coffee $7inidigo $2trade house clears
131BuilderGuild Hall($6)Wharf($9)Fortress($10)
2Captain2i 2vp, dumps c3t 4vp, 3c 3vps 2vps 1vp, t 1vp, dump cclear 7 boat
3Mayor3 colonists, 2i, 3q, istkc, factory & GH2 colonists, 3t, CH empty$1, 4 colonists, full3 colonists, no lg sugar13 on boat, only 3 left
4Craftsmanc2istk $53ci2tsk, corn is all taken!cis2tk $5, bonus s
142BuilderResidence($7)Small Indigo($1)Large Indigo($3)
3Captains 1vp, c 1vp, dumps 2i2kt 1vp, 3c 3vp, dumps 2i5c 7vp, k(wharf) 2vpc 1vp, dumps 2t2sall boats clear
4Tradert $3t $3s $5$1, k $6trade house clears
153Mayor335 colonists, $13Triggers game end
4BuilderCity Hall($7)Large Indigo($1)Large Sugar($4)Customs House($9)
1Settler$4, no room for plantationsi, sss
2Craftsman$5, c2ist2k, i bonus3ci3t5cist$5, cis2t2kGame ends.
ScoringTotal Bid/VP chips/Buildings/bonus
37 -1/7/23/8 4th38 0/15/16/7 3rd42 -2/27/17/0 1st41 -2/13/24/6 2nd

Here is the video of bidding for seat position:

Here is the video of the final game:





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