WBC 2018 Puerto Rico Final

118 different people played 53 games of Puerto Rico this year. This was an increase of 8 people, but a decrease of 6 games over last year’s tournament. This was due to the lack of a quaterfinal round. That was requested by WBC’s management. Thanks everyone for your support!
Congratulations to Wade Campbell! He won the final game with 52 points. 49 were from shipping, with only 6 building points offsetting his 3 point bid for seat 3.

Sam Wolff finished second with 47.5 points.

3rd through 6th place are: Alex Bove (45 points in final), Greg Thatcher (42 points), Kevin Walsh and Sky Roy.

Puerto Rico Finalists
Puerto Rio Finalists with their plaques (r to l): 1st-Wade Campbell, 2nd-Sam Wolff, 3rd-Alex Bove, GM-Rich Shay, 4th-Greg Thatcher

The tournament has 3 preliminary rounds. The top 16 players competed in the four games of the semifinal round. The 4 winners were matched in the final round. This was a change from previous years when a quarterfinal round was held.

Wade Board
Wade Campbell’s final board – 1st Place
Sam Board
Sam Wolff’s final board – 2nd Place
Alex Board
Alex Bove’s final board – 3rd Place
Greg Board
Greg Thatcher’s final board – 4th Place

Here is a transcript of the final game:

TurnSeatRoleSeat 1: Alex BoveSeat 2: Greg ThatcherSeat 3: Wade CampbellSeat 4: Sam WolffPlantations/Boats
Bids for SeatPoints-10-3-1.5
2Builderno buildConstruction Hut (1)Small Market (1)Small Market (1)
3Mayor1,q1,Construction Hut2, cc1, c4 on boat
22BuilderSmall Indigo(0)Hacienda (1)no buildno build
3Craftsman$1, 2c, bonus cc
4Captain3vp for 3c$1, 2vp for c4c on 7 boat
1Settlerqqck2si discard, k2tic
33Craftsman2c, bonus cc
1Traderno trades, $2
2Mayor1 col, 2 quarry$1, 2 col, hacienda, const. hut, quarry1 col, 3 corn1 col, corn, sm mkt
44BuilderTobacco Shed(3)Small Indigo(0)no build$1, Coffee Roaster($5)
1Settler$1, thacienda t, qckti discarded, k2s2i
2Captain$13c for 3vp7 boat clears
3Craft3c, bonus cc
51Mayor$1, 2 col, 2q, t, tob shed1 col, adds 2nd q1 col, 4 corn1 col, c, k, coffee roaster7 col on boat
2BuilderSmall sugar($1)tobacco shed ($2)
3Captain4c (5bt), 5pts1c, 1pt5 boat clears
62Mayor1 col, q, indigo, tobacco3 col, all but quarries2 col, all2 col, coffees, sm mkt5 col on boat
3Craftsmantitic$1, 4c, bonus c2k
4Tradert, $3i, $1none$2, k $6
1Settler$1, qhacienda c, qisksi discarded,ks2ic
73Captaini 1ptc 1pt$1, 5c on 6bt, 6vpk 1pt6 boat clears, no discards
4BuilderpasspassSmall Indigo($1)$1, factory($6)
2Mayor1 col, tobacco, indigo, 2 quarries3 col, all but corn1 col, all1 col, coffee, factory, corn6 on boat
84Trade$1, c$2Trade House clears
1BuildGuild Hall, $7Small Sugar, $2
2Captaint, 2vp
3Settlerss, q$1, qck2i discarded, kt2sc
91Mayor3 col, all but Guild Hall2 col, all but s1 col, all1 col, all but 2k, c, purples6 on boat
3Craftsmantsiti2c$214c, i2kc
4Tradertobacco $3indigo $1corn $1coffee $6trade house clears
102BuildLarge Indigo $1$1, Fortress $5Wharf $8City Hall $10
3Mayor1 col, all but lg Ind1 col, all but fortress, s3 col, all2 col, all but ct & CH9 on boat
4Traders $2t $3k $6
1Captain$1, i 2vp2i, 3c 5vpno dumps
113Craftsmantsiti2c$1, 4ci, c2ks, $1
4Settler$2, ctkss discard, k2s2i
1BuilderResidence $6Small Sugar $1Small Sugar $1Customs House $10
124Trader$1, c $2Trade House clears
1Captain$1, i 2vp, t 1vpt 1vp5c 5vp2k 2vp dump c
2Mayor2 col, all but indigo buildings$1, 4 col, all2 col, all2 col, all but t2c6 on boat
3Craftsman2ts2tsi2c$1, 4csi, i2ks, $1
131Builder$1, Coffee Roaster $2Coffee Roaster $3Harbor $8
2Captain2t 2vpt 1vp3c 3vp, 3i 3vp wharf,
dump s
2k 2vp, dump scclear 5 & 6 boats
3Craftsman2ts2tsi2c4cis, bonus c2kc, $1
4Mayor2 col, all but big indigo, K roaster1 col, all but 1 k&t bld1 col, all3 col, all but t7 on boat
142Captain2c 3vp, 2i 2vp1 1vp, 6c 6vp1c 2vp, 2k 3vp, dumps sugar5 & 7 boats clear
3Craftsman2tsik2tsi2c4csi, c2ks2c, $2
4Tradert $3s $2$1, k $6
1BuilderSmall Sugar $1Small Indigo $1Wharf $9
153Captaini 1vp, dumps tsi 1vp, k 1vp dumps t2c5c 6vp fills 5 boat, i 1vp, 2s 2vpk 2vp, dumps 2s2c5 & 6 boats clear
4Craftsman2tsik2tsi2csi4c2ks3c $2, k
1BuilderFactory $3Large Sugar $2Hospice $4
2Mayor1 col, 8 open in town$1, 3 col , 5 open in production buildings2 col, all2 col, allGame ends. 11 colonists left. Need 13 to fill boat.

A video of the bidding for seat position is on YouTube at https://youtu.be/Gm3F_7SjrN8

A video of the final game is on YouTube at https://youtu.be/tQzIgGClcFM






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