Episode 6 – Tournament Game Master Basics Part 2: Sadly, Paperwork

In this episode, I continue the series covering the basics of running a game tournament.   Rob Kircher co-hosts as we explain the nuts and bolts and documentation aspects of running a tournament.

Below are links to example documents we reference in the podcast. Feel free to copy and modify them for your own use. Be aware that they are our best effort, but not guaranteed to be perfect or the last word in how to perform these tasks!

We also discuss some games played recently.


Useful Links:

The following files were either referenced on the show or are examples of files you may need to run an event.

Sign up sheets for a tournament:

Generic Sign-In Sheet Notice the column for tracking who has a copy of the game. That lets you see if you have enough copies of the game available and who to ask to set up another table as the number of players grows.

The very complete sign-in/results sheet for the WBC as a PDF. This is the fully evolved version of a sign-in and reporting form. It is probably more than you need, but look at it to see how much a single form can do if carefully designed and correctly used.

Single game results for each table:

Generic Score Sheet

Rob Kircher’s Generic game record sheet. You can make it more specific or modify for your event.

PR score sheet with Bids

Standing and results spreadsheet:

Generic Results Postings. It contains somewhat sanitized data from the 2014 tournament. Insert a copy of the registered player data in the appropriate columns and figure it out. I am sure it could be significantly improved. Send me your suggestions.

Puerto Rico seat bid sheets (jpg file for folks who can’t print the PDF version):

PRO Bid Chart in PDF.

PRO Bid Chart
Puerto Rico Bid Chart as JPEG file.






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