Recon #1 Egizia

This is the first Recon. It is not a review, unboxing or session report. Instead, I assume that you are familiar with the game and own or have played it. This session goes over the resources and structures of the game in detail so that you may work on better play and strategy.

Egizia is a game by the design team called Acchittocca. It was published in 2009. My gaming group enjoys it quite a bit and I believe it will become popular in competitive play.
Detailed charts and other information are on the continuation of the page.

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Episode 1 – Introduction

Finally the 1st episode is complete.

Aside from an introduction, there are the first rules of learning to play competitively, and an interview with Richard J. Shay plus information on Total Confusion, my favorite small convention with tournaments, from its Board Game Room Director, Rob Kircher, and my pal Joel Feldman.

I have to improve my sound editing skills and apologize for the rough edges, especially the volume changes (and obvious environment changes).
Sites referenced in the podcast include: for rules, summaries and FAQs on games.
Boardgame Players Association’s World Boardgaming Championship
EuroQuest gaming conference outside Baltimore.

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Welcome to the Pregame Show!

This is the home of the Play Boardgames Better podcast.

Soon, the first podcast will be launched. Each month a new podcast will be added.

The first few months will be devoted to an overview of playing boardgames better. That means, making better preparation, making better decisions and being able to play in competitive settings. Each podcast will also include an interview with an excellent gamer with experience and success in competitive settings.

After that, each podcast will be devoted to a game that is popular in competitive settings or a competitive boardgame event.

I will also add videos about using specific games as training aids and videos that break down games from the viewpoint of a player, rather than the typical review or demo intended to help you decide if you want to buy the game.

As a warning, I will be changing the format and appearance of the site as I learn more about WordPress and until I establish a look and feel that I like.

Thanks for reading this far. I hope this will be the beginning of a rewarding relationship for you.

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