WBC 2015 Puerto Rico Tournament

115 different people played 60 games of Puerto Rico to determine that Ben Scholl is the 2015 champion.
Congratulations Ben!

Here I am with the finalists:

Finalists in 2015 WBC Puerto Rico Tournament
Finalists in 2015 WBC Puerto Rico Tournament

The tournament has 3 preliminary rounds. Winners and a few of the best non-winners advance to a quarterfinal round that multi-game winners get a bye to pass. The multigame winners and best quarterfinalists form 4 tables for the semifinal round. The 4 winners are matched in the final round.

Seating is random in the qualifying rounds. Seat order is bid on in half point increments for the elimination rounds.

Final Boards for Each Player

Jessica Shea Seat 2 4th Place

Etienne Evans Seat 3 3rd Place


Ben Scholl 1st Place Seat 4

Puerto Rico Final WBC 2015 Transcript

Players, in seat order:

Thomas Lind, Jessica Shea, Etienne Evans(Bid 2.5) & Ben Scholl (Bid 1.5)

Roles: S-settler B-builder M-mayor Cp-captain Cr-craftsman P-prospector T-trader

Plantations: corn indigo sugar tobacco koffee quarry

TurnPlayerRoleSeat 1: Thomas LindSeat 2: Jessica SheaSeat 3: Etienne EvansSeat 4: Ben SchollPlantations
1Seat 1SettlerquarryCornSugarsugarssssc/cciis
Seat 2BuilderSmall Indigo(1)Small Market (0)Construction Hut (2)Small Market (1)
Seat 3Mayor1,q1,c2, c, CH1, c4 boat
Seat 4Craftsmanccc,c
2Seat 2Prospector$2
Seat 3Captainc1vp$1, c2vp, 7 boat2c2vp4c 0n 7bt
Seat 4BuilderSM Sugar(1)Hospice(4)SM Sugar(2)SM Sugar(1)
Seat 1SettlerQuarryCornQuarryCornkkkii
3Seat 3Mayor1, qq1, cc$1, 2, s, smSugar1, c,Sm Mkt5 on boat
Seat 4Trader$2, no trades
Seat 1SettlerQuarryCoffeeQuarryIndigokkkti
Seat 2BuilderIndigo(1)Sm Indigo (0)PassSm Indigo(1)
4Seat 4Mayor1, qqq1, SmMky, c, Hospice1, qqcs, SmS3, I, s, Sm I, Sm s, mkt7 on boat
Seat 1Prospector$2
Seat 2Craftsman$2, c,ccsis
Seat 3SettlerCoffeeCoffee(manned)QuarryTobaccociist
5Seat 1Builder$1, Coffee Roaster(2)Sm Indigo(free)
Seat 2Captain$2, 2c3vpS 6bt 1vp, c1vpI 5bt 1vp7 bt clears
Seat 3SettlerSugarIndigo(manned)TobaccoCornissst
Seat 4CraftsmanccsIs, i
6Seat 2Trader$2, c$2s$2i$2
Seat 3Prospector$2
Seat 4Mayor2, coffee up, 3q2, not ki1, 3qcs, smsugar3, all but t8 on boat
Seat 1SettlerTobaccoIndigo(manned)SugarSugarccctk
7Seat 3BuilderHacienda(1)Harbor(8)$1, Guild Hall(6)Tobacco Storage(5)
Seat 4CaptainC1vp, 7boat$1, i2vp,s1vp
Seat 1Mayor3, 2qksi up2, all but 1k2, 3qs up,GH2,all plantations9 on boat
Seat 2SettleCornQuarry(manned)CornTobaccoisttt
8Seat 4Craftsmankis2cics$1,tsi2c,i
Seat 1Trader$1, k$5Trade clear
Seat 2BuildFactory ($5)Indigo Plant($1)
Seat 3Prospector$2
9Seat 1Mayor$1, 4,2,2, Chut open2,8 on boat
Seat 2Traderi$3S$2t$4
Seat 3BuilderTobacco(2)Tobacco(1)Factory(7)
Seat 4Captaini1vp, s1vp2c3vpc1vp$1,3c4vp,2i2vp, s1vp5,7 bt clr
10Seat 2SettlerCoffee(Hacienda)Toba$2, Quarry(manned)IndigoTobaccocistt
Seat 3Prospector$2
Seat 4Craftsmanksci$32c3i2cs2t2cis,t
Seat 1TraderK $5Trade clear
11Seat 3BuilderFortress $7Coffee Roaster $4$1,Residence $6
Seat 4CaptainS1vp,i1vp c3i4vp cs$1,3t4vp,i1vp s5,6 bt clear
Seat 1Mayor3,2,2,2,11 on boat
Seat 2Prospector$1
12Seat 4Traders$4
Seat 1Craftsman$1, cistk$5, k2c3ikcisti2cs3t$3
Seat 2Mayor2,4,3,3,7 on boat
Seat 3SettlerHacienda:s, ts(manned)$1, cc4ik
13Seat 1Builder$1,City Hall(6)Sm Sugar Mill(1)Indigo Plant(1)Customs House(10)
Seat 2Captaini1vp, s1vp$1, 3i5vp,2s2vp,1t1vp1i1vp,3t3vp,1s1vp
Seat 3Settlerfulli(manned)Ik
Seat 4Mayor2,2,1,3,End Game






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  1. Raphael Philibert-Larivee Avatar
    Raphael Philibert-Larivee

    Great tournament once again Richard! Thanks for GM’ing. The Northmen will rise again!! 🙂

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