WBC 2011 Yspahan Final Game Week 1

This series of pages presents the final game of the 2011 Yspahan tournament at the World Boardgaming Championships in Lancaster, PA. Aside from my own comments, I have added some comments by Rob Kircher, one of the players. The picture shows the board configuration at the end of each turn (day). In a few cases, a second picture is required.

  • Players’ coins and camels are shown below their buildings.
  • Die on the right shows how many cards players are holding
  • Black pawn on player board shows first player for turn
  • Colored circle shows player’s choice
  • Yellow markers cover one space on each level of the caravan, because it is a 3 player game
  • Comments on the board are mine

Day 1

Everyone takes a card! Actually not shocking with good players.
WBC Yspahan Final Week 1 Day 1

How many camels, coins or die on the vase district would it take to make you NOT take a card to start?
Rob: 2 camels, 4 coins, 3 in the vase district would do it.

Day 2

Andy gets three camels. Everyone else takes a card. Rob builds the camel pen with the coins to camels card. You can already see that taking a card on day one greatly expands your range of options.

Yspahan 2011 WBC Final Week 1 Day 2

Rob: Because I would roll the dice the next turn, having the camel pen is important.

Day 3

Rob burns his last card to get four camels and builds the caravanseri. Everyone else takes a card.

Yspahan 2011 WBC Final Week 1 Day 3

Rob: “Wasting” a potential 4th free coin for building is worth it to have the free card on moving to the caravan early.

Day 4

Andy and Eric take cards. Rob grabs the corner souk in the barrel district. Eric “cards” to the caravan (2 pts).
Yspahan 2011 WBC Final Week 1 Day 4

Rob: Getting ready for the camel run

Day 5

Rob moves the supervisor 1 to move to the caravan (2 pts + a card). Everyone else takes cards.

Day 6

Rob takes the 6-point souk in the vase district. Andy takes three gold, burning a card. Eric takes a card and then uses 2 cards to take 3 coins and turn 5 coins into camels.

Yspahan 2011 WBC Final Week 1 Day 6

Rob: With the good roll, took the 6 points since I did not have a camel to send to the track

Day 7

Eric and Andy take cards. They both build caravanseri. Everyone is ready to get cards for caravan moves. Rob moves the supervisor and pays 2 gold to place on the caravan (2 pts + a card).

Rob: happy with the first week
After scoring: Rob 12, Eric 3, Andy 0
Everyone is ready to use the caravan for both points and cards now, but who will get the best spots in the market and will someone get both sides of one of the double corners?


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