WBC 2017 Puerto Rico Tournament

110 different people played 59 games of Puerto Rico this year. This was an increase of 10 people and 20 games over last year’s tournament. Thanks everyone for your support!
Congratulations Kevin!

In a close final game, Brad Sherwood edged out Ed Gilliand 41 to 40 for the championship.

3rd through 6th place are: Ricky Boyes, David Platnick, David Borton & Pieter Villion

PRO Finalists 2017
WBC Puerto Rico Finalists: (l to r)Ed Gilliand(2nd), Ricky Boyes(3rd), David Platnick(4th), Brad Sherwood (1st), Rich Shay (GM)

The tournament has 3 preliminary rounds. Winners and a few of the best non-winners advance to a quarterfinal round that multi-game winners get a bye to skip. The multigame winners and best quarterfinalists form 4 tables for the semifinal round. The 4 winners are matched in the final round.

Here is a transcript of the final game:

TurnSeatRoleSeat 1: Brad SherwoodSeat 2: Ricky BoyesSeat 3: David PlatnickSeat 4: Ed GilliandPlantations/Ships
11Settlerqcstis discarded. 2i2st
2Mayorqcicc4 on ship
3BuilderSmall Market (0)No buildSmall Sugar (1)Small Market (1)
22Settlersqts2i discarded. c2s2k
3MayorSmMkt, qq, cSmSugar, s, cSmMarket, c4 on ship
33Craftsmanc$2, cs, cc
4Captainc(1vp)2c(2vp), s(1vp) 7ship$2, c(2vp) 6ship4c6ship, s7ship
1Trader$2No trades
44BuilderCoffee Roaster($5)Large Market($4)Pass$1, Tobacco Storage($4)
1Settler$1, kckss discarded, 3cst
2Mayor1, c, q, CofRst$1, 2, c empty1, t empty1, t, c & TobStr7 on ship
51Mayor3, empty i, CfRst2, +12, +11, c, t, TbStr, SmMkt4 on ship
3BuilderSmIndigo($0)SmWharehouse($2)Tobacco Storage($4)Pass
4Settlercccts discard, cistk
62Craftsmancs$2, 2ci, icsct
3Traderk$5i$3$2, s$3t$4Trade House Clears
4Captains(1vp)i(1vp), dump c$2, c(2vp)6ship clears, i5ship,
1BuilderHarbor($7)Hacienda ($1)Coffee Roaster($6)Factory($7)Brad may have paid $6 by mistake
73Mayor1, SmMkt, iIndigo empty1, Hacienda empty$1, 2, kKtTsSc1, SmMkt, tT, c, Factory10 on ship. David left 1 off as he hadn’t put in San Juan
4Settlercst$1, qik discarded, is3k
2Traderc$3c on trade house
84Mayor3, cK empty2, full2, TK empty4, sTT empty5 on ship, David sees extra colonist & places
1Captain$1c(1vp)6shipion5,con6, 2son7
2BuilderPass$1, Harbor($6)PassPass
91Settler$1, qHacienda i, iks
3Trader$1No trades
102Mayor1, cK empty$1, 3, si, Hacienda empty1, TK empty1,2sIT empty7 on boat
3Settlerciqt2t discarded, 2i2sk
4BuilderPassSm Sugar($1)PassSmWharehouse($1)
1Craftsman$3, csik,s3c3i2cs2tkcs2t$2
113Traders$3$1, k$5t$4trade house clears
4Captainc(2vp),s(2vp),i(2vp)4c(5vp),3i(4vp)s(1vp), rot t2c$2, c(2vp),s(1vp)5 & 6 ship clear. 5s on 7 ship
1BuilderGuild Hall ($7)PassPassCity Hall ($9)
124Traderk($5)t($5)kt on trade office
1BuilderCustoms House($7)PassPassPass
2Settlerk$1, qii2s discarded, cittk put out, but later.
3Mayor2, 2c, Guild Hall, Customs House empty1, 2i, 2I, Hacienda empty$1, 3, T empty2, t2s, City Hall, SmWhr empty9 on ship
131Mayor4, full2, iI, Hacienda empty2, 1 extra2, t2sT empty4 on ship
2 Craftsman3cis2k$2, 3c3is, i2cs2t2kcis2t$3
3Captains(2vp), 2k(3vp), rot 3cs(2vp), rot2c$1, 2k (3vp), 3t(3vp), rot 2c2t(2vp), rot ciclear 5 & 7 ship. 4k on 6ship
142Captaini(2vp)4i(6vp)7ships(1vp)5shipi(1vp), s(1vp)no rotting, no clearing,
2s on 5ship, 4k on 6ship, 6i on 7ship
3Settlerit$, qctk discarded, 2i2sk
1Trader$1c($2)ctk on Trade House. Why not Builder?
153BuilderLgIndigo($1)Tobacco Storage($3)$1, LgIndigo($1)Hacienda($1)
4Mayor1, 3I empty1, 2i, 2I, 2T, Hacienda empty1, 2I, T empty$1, 2, t, 2s, T, Hacienda empty12 left, need 13 for boat. Triggers game end
2Craftsman2cis2k. Brad took 3c, but only 2 should have been left for him.$1, 3c2ist$3, t2cis2t2k2cis2t$3 in game Ed only took 1cEnd Game
VP for shipping14191211
VP for Buildings19171319
Bonus VP90511
Total41 – 1st Place36 – 3rd Place28 – 4th Place40 – 2nd Place

Watch for photos and video of the final game soon!






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