WBC 2016 Puerto Rico Tournament

100 different people played 49 games of Puerto Rico to determine that Kevin Walsh is the 2016 champion.
Congratulations Kevin!

2nd through 6th place are: Ben Scholl, Devin Smith, Aran Warszawski, Nathan Wagner & Jason Levine

2016PRO Finalists
Puerto Rico 2016 Finalists at WBC (l to r) Kevin Walsh,Ben Shcoll, Devin Smith, Aran Warszawski

The tournament has 3 preliminary rounds. Winners and a few of the best non-winners advance to a quarterfinal round that multi-game winners get a bye to skip. The multigame winners and best quarterfinalists form 4 tables for the semifinal round. The 4 winners are matched in the final round.

First, some analysis of the results:
Some seats do better than others, which is why bidding is introduced for elimination rounds and is optional in heats. Seating is random in the qualifying rounds. Seat order is bid on in half point increments for the elimination rounds. Of the 38 games played without bidding, the seats (order of play) won as follows (totals 39 as there was one tie for first in a heat game). The second number is the number of games won with bidding for each seat.

  • Seat 1: 8 wins, 2 wins (average bid: 0.25)
  • Seat 2: 6 wins, 3 wins (average bid: 0)
  • Seat 3: 17 wins, 2 wins (average bid: 1.5)
  • Seat 4: 8 wins, 4 wins (average bid: 1.25)

Seat 3 continues to dominate and seat 2 seems to be most handicapped. Only the final game was determined by the points bid. 2 other games would have been ties without the bidding. That assumes the seat orders would have been the same, a big assumption.

There are basically 3 ways to win: build the best, ship the best, balance shipping and building. A somewhat arbitrary sorting of the winning strategies this year gives:

  • Building: 19 wins
  • Mixed: 17 wins
  • Shipping: 14 wins

Transcript of the Final Game

Players, in seat order: Aran Warszawski(Bid 0.5), Kevin Walsh, Ben Scholl(Bid 2.0) & Devin Smith (Bid 2.0)
Building costs: number of coins paid after discounts for privilege and quarries.
Plantations: corn indigo sugar tobacco koffee quarry

TurnSeatRoleSeat 1: Aran WarszawskiSeat 2: Kevin WalshSeat 3: Ben SchollSeat 4: Devin SmithPlantations/Boats
11Settlerqktsst discarded, 4sc
2Builderno buildSmall Market (0)Small Market (1)Small Sugar (2)
3Mayor1,q1,SmMk2, c, SmMk1, c4 on boat
22BuilderSmall Indigo(0)Small Indigo(0)no buildno build
3Craftsman$1, c,cc
4Trader$1, $1 for c
1Captain$12c2vp2c on 7 boat
33Settlerss$1, qcss discarded, ccitk
4Mayor1, q, i plantation1, i, SmI1, SmMk, c, q$1, 2, s, SmSu, c4 on boat
2Traderno trades, $0
44BuilderCoffee Roaster($5)Small Sugar(2)Tobbaco Shed(4)$1, Factory(6)
1Settlerkccit discarded, c2ist
2Mayork up, q2, scSmMkt up, q, SmMks up,c, Factory5 on boat
3Craftkcs$1, t, tcs, $1
51Trader$1, k($5)s($3)t($4)noneClear trades
2Captain$2, c2vpt 1vpcs2vp5bt s, 6bt t, 7bt c
3Mayor11314 on boat
62BuilderHarbor(7)$1, Factory(6)Hacienda(1)Small Indigo(1)
3Craftsmankisc$1, cct, tccs,$1
4Captaincs2vp2t2vp, spoil c2cs4vpClear c(7boat)
1Settler$1, qctisi discarded, c2itk
73Traderk$4i$1$1, c$21 empty spot
1Mayor$1, 2 q1, all but SmMk1, all but c1, all but c4 on boat
2Settlekqtc2i discarded, cs3k
84Craftsmankicis$2c2t$1, cis$2, c
1Captain$1, k3vps1vp, spoil c2t2vps1vp, spoil ciclear s boat(5), k on 7 boat
2Builder$1, Coffee Roaster(5)Small Sugar(1)Harbor(8)
3SettlerskHc:c, qc2k discarded, s2i2t
2Mayor1$1, 2, not SmMk, c1, not 3c, Hc1, not 3c5 on boat
3BuilderWharf(7)Guild Hall(7)
102Mayor131, not 3c, hacienda1, not 2c4 on boat
3BuilderLarge Indigo(0)
4Trader$2, no trades!
1Settler$1, qtHC:i, tiis discarded, cistk
4Captain$1, no shipping
1BuilderLarge Sugar(1)Large Sugar(2)Small Warehouse(3)
2Craftsmanik$2, 2csik, $3, i2ts2csi,$2
124Mayor1, not 2q1, not c1, not 2c, Hc$1, 2, not c11 on boat
1Craftsmanisk, k2cisk$3cistsi$1
2Captain3kts7vp(s)3i2k6vp(s)t1vp(t)3cst, i clear, 1 space k
3Trader$1, t$5Clear trades
131Craftsmanisk, s2cist$3cist3cis$2
2Captain3s4vp, discard i2ck4vp, discard ist1vp, discard is3c4vp, discard 2sclear all but t
3BuilderFortress(9)$1, Residence(7)
4Settlercti$2, qst discarded
3BuilderConstruction Hut(0)Customs House(10)
1Craftsmanisk, scisk$3cist3csi$2
153BuilderCity Hall(9)Small Indigo(0)Construction Hut(2)Triggers game end
4Captaink2s5vp2k2vp, discard 2cit1vp, discard si3c5vp
1Trader$2, i$2s$3c$1
2Mayor2$2, 4 33End Game
Seat 2 wins
Kevin Walsh wins at seat 2 with 44 points and 5 coins for tie-breaker win
Seat 3
Ben Scholl is 2nd as seat 3 with 44 points, but only 2 on tie-break.
Seat 4
Devin Smith finishes 3rd at Seat 4 with 37 points
Seat 1
Aran Warszawski finishes 4th at seat 1 with 35.5 points






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