Recon #5: Le Havre: The Inland Port

Welcome to another episode of Play Boardgames Better Recon.
In this episode, I’ll examine Le Havre: The Inland Port.
Its Uwe Rosenberg’s 2-player, fast game based on Le Havre for theme and Ora & Labora for mechanisms.


I have used a different production method. At the suggestion of Tom Vasel, I didn’t make the detailed script used on previous shows. Winging it calls for more editing, so you may notice that I need a little more practice with that. Our grandfather clock chimes in the background and I sound as pasted together as it actually is.
Because the game is so visual, I have included a picture that should help. I annotated the warehouse from the game to show the actions on it that I discuss in the podcast. It should make things clearer.


I hope you find this podcast informative and a good way to prepare for your first, or second, game of The Inland Port. Let me know what you think of both the game and the new production method. Thanks for listening.






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