Total Confusion 25 (2011) Results & Comments

Not only did I attend Total Confusion 25 in Mansfield, I also worked as the #2 Minion for boardgaming. Thanks to Rob Kircher’s experience and discipline, the events were organized and on time. Participation was up from previous years and many folks have commented on how well the convention runs.

The convention website has the winners’ name in each tournament listed, but I thought I would add a longer list of the boardgame finalists. I’m hoping more photos of the event will show up soon. Please add your comments on the tournaments.

Chairman of the Board
Place Name
I finished in the middle of this pack of excellent gamers. I think Lexi was a little distracted by homework or perhaps “senioritis” is spilling over into her gaming. Even with working the booth part of every day there was still so much gaming that I got in a lot of play.
Chairman Andy Latto
2 Mike Shea
3 Rich Shay
4 Chris Senhouse
5 Lexi Shea
7 Wonders
Place Name
Brian is the son of my gaming buddy Joel Feldman. It was Brian’s first TotalCon. 7 Wonders got a lot of play during the entire convention. It didn’t spend much time languishing in the library even when a scheduled event wasn’t going.
1 Brian Feldman
2 Andrew Harris
3 Lexi Shea
Thurn & Taxis
Place Name
As the 2007 to 2009 world champion of T&T, it is no surprise that Andy took first place. If you think Thurn & Taxis is a game of luck, come next year and play against Andy!.
1 Andy Latto
2 Caleb Hand
3 Cindy Sulaiman
Place Name
With his son, Brian, having won 7 Wonders already, the pressure was on Joel to get a plaque so he could have peace at home. Missing the Egizia tournament was my biggest regret of the whole convention.
1 Joel Feldman
2 Ken Hamilton
3 Bryan Johnson
Place Name
1 Roger Budz
2 Mike Shea
3 Chris Senhouse
Place Name
1 Lisa Sutherland
2 Loc Nguyen
3 Lexi Shea
Place Name
1 Bronwen Heap
2 John Callahan
3 Jason Pytha
Puerto Rico
Place Name
Scott crushed us all in the final. Always a fun time. Watch for upcoming podcasts as I get some help in how to play PR better.
1 Scott Hamilton
2 Rich Shay
3 Loc Nguyen
Power Grid
Place Name
1 Lexi Shea
2 Chris Senhouse
3 Jason Pytha
Stone Age
Place Name
Although its a game I avoid in tournaments, the winners demonstrate that it isn’t so much the randomness as my inept play that makes me do poorly.
1 Andy Latto
2 Ken Hamilton
3 Chris Senhouse
Settlers of Catan
Place Name
This event was a qualifier for the National Championship to be held at GenCon Indianapolis. Shiv will be defending TotalCon’s reputation in August.
1 Shiv Chapro
2 Mongo
3 Lisa Moore
League Play Tournaments
Event Winner
Jordan Shea is Mike’s son and Lexi’s brother. Watch for him to develop full shark status next year at WBC, Euroquest and TotalCon. If you were drafting a fantasy team of gamers you would pick this rookie in an early round. Milissa is no slouch either.
Battleline Jordan Shea
Lost Cities Milissa  Majorowski
Crokinole Jordan Shea
Puffing Billy
Event Winner
The Puffing Billy events have their own overall championship as well as tournaments for specific games.
Champion Craig Klare
1830 Craig Klare
Empire Builder Craig Klare
18XX Paul Morgan
Ticket to Ride Mongo






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