Episode 1 – Introduction

Finally the 1st episode is complete.

Aside from an introduction, there are the first rules of learning to play competitively, and an interview with Richard J. Shay plus information on Total Confusion, my favorite small convention with tournaments, from its Board Game Room Director, Rob Kircher, and my pal Joel Feldman.

I have to improve my sound editing skills and apologize for the rough edges, especially the volume changes (and obvious environment changes).
Sites referenced in the podcast include:
www.boardgamegeek.com for rules, summaries and FAQs on games.
Boardgame Players Association’s World Boardgaming Championship
EuroQuest gaming conference outside Baltimore.


  • Purpose & Summarry
  • Why this podcast series
  • Rule 1: Read the Rules
  • Rule 2: Play against people better than yourself
  • More reasons to play well
  • Rule 3: Teach the game
  • About your host
  • Intro to Interview of Rich J. Shay
  • Interview with Rich J. Shay
  • A stolen tip!
  • Puerto Rico vs. St. Petersburg for competitive play
  • Next time: Competitiveness and Rob Kircher interview







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