Games need homes

This post is visible by invitation. I am listing a number of games that need new homes, but I don’t want to bother shipping or auctioning yet. If I have or a friend of yours has directed you here, feel free to contact me about getting any of the games below at what I believe are very low prices. You will have to arrange to pick up from me at home in Norwood, MA, or nearby (mostly Battleground games in Norton, MA) at an event: Origins, Euroquest, WBC, Totalcon (including sizzler) or through migration from friend to friend. I will try to keep the list current and remove sold games quickly.

Games are in very good condition unless otherwise indicated. Non-smoking house.

Thanks for looking.

Mystery Rummy Care No. 1 Jack the Ripper $4
Omen: Reign of War $12
Ascension Apprentice Edition box beat up, cards still in shrink $2
Smokejumpers $4
2 de Mayo $12
Battlegrounds Second Punic War Basic Game $10
Pocket Battles #1 Celts vs. Romans $6
Mayfair Games set #19 Extra!Extra!, Aeroplanes. 2 copies, one with Magazine. $1 each
Tricks $3
Dominenant Species the Card Game $4
Swamped $1
Julius Caesar $25
Rumis $7
Onward Christian Soldiers $35
Apples to Apples $3
Wits & Wagers Family $3
Carson City $30
Eaten by Zombies $5
Unauthorized $6
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